COLDCUT (FEAT. ROBERT OWENS) – Walk A Mile In My Shoes (CD & 2x 12″ Singles)

Walk A Mile In My Shoes CoverNinja Tune ZENCDS179 / ZEN12179 / ZEN12179R: 21st August 2006
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Radio Edit / Tiga Mix / Henrik Schwarz Edit / Tom Belton’s SSL Edit / Timo Garcia & The Chesire Catz Remix / Album Version / Henrik Schwarz Mix / Tom Belton’s SSL Re-Rub)
“Well I may be, common people, but I’m still your brother, and when you strike out, tryna hurt me, it’s a-hurtin’ you”

‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ is Coldcut’s incredible cover of a Joe South folk song that they’ve remade in to an epic House tune. It’s a mix of undulating Strings, bluesy Organs and Robert Owen’s impassioned delivery. There is a ‘Radio Edit’ and an ‘Album Version’ included.

The ‘Tiga Mix’ extends the track to nearly seven minutes and brings in that classic Tiga sound that we all know and love. As far as I can hear Tiga has redone some of the vocals himself, so it’s almost a cover instead of a Remix. The star of this release is undoubtedly the ‘Henrik Schwarz Mix’ which runs to over nine minutes and carefully gives every beat, every sound and every word space to breath. The sense of anticipation that gets built up means that when the strings finally come in they sound truly powerful. It’s even better when the Drums arrive, sounding like a thunderous heartbeat. It’s also included in a five-minute version but that just robs the track of what made it so special. ‘Tom Belton’s SSL Re-Rub’ turns the song into a massive Faithless style anthem, which has got to be good. Again it’s included as an ‘Edit’ but this time it’s still pretty good. If like me, you liked the strange instrumental bit at the end of the ‘Album Version’ of ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ then you’re in luck because ‘Timo Garcia & The Chesire Catz Remix’ uses it extensively. All together, you get over fifty minutes of entertainment for your money.

Joe South – Walk A Mile In My Shoes mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Timber’, ‘Sound Mirrors Documentary’, ‘True Skool’, ‘Man In A Garage’, ‘Everything Is Under Control’, ‘Revolution UK’, ‘Revolution US’, ‘More Beats & Pieces’ and ‘People Hold On’. Visit MusicLikeDirt’s YouTube channel for lots of lovely clips of Coldcut live at Shepherds Bush. I was sitting right behind him and it was a fantastic performance.

Click here to have a go at remixing/ruining ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ (Thanks to Kris for that tip).

Click here to buy Coldcut’s ‘Sound Mirrors’ album from HMV for £9.99.

Coldcut Website / Coldcut MySpace Page / Ninja Tune Website

2 Comments to “COLDCUT (FEAT. ROBERT OWENS) – Walk A Mile In My Shoes (CD & 2x 12″ Singles)”

  1. If you really like Coldcut’s Walk A Mile, you can make your own version on YourSpins. Free, easy & fun!
    Coldcut remix card

  2. Re: Kris. Thanks for the tip, it’s loads of fun. Randomly clicking the ‘Improvise’ button creates some very strange sounds.


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