LILY ALLEN – LDN Remix Competition / Promo CD

LDN Promo Cover“You might laugh, you might frown, walkin’ round London town”

Lily Allen has just launched a Remix competition to win a pair of special shoes. You can download all the separate tracks that make up ‘LDN’ as a huge 262mb Zip file… for free! Then Lily will pick the best Remix, around mid-September time, so you’ll have to be quick.

Click here to get the Zip file.

If you pop onto Ebay you can get a new promo CD that has an exclusive Instrumental version of ‘LDN’. Stripped of Lily’s ear catching vocals you can explore the layered wonders of this track’s production. Calypso Guitars, triumphant Horns, summery acoustic Guitars, beautiful Piano and deft use of a Triangle all add up to one of this year’s finest Pop tunes.

Also here’s a link to watch the incredible second video for ‘LDN’ on YouTube. The “Punky Electronica, kind of Grime, kind of like New-Wave Grime but maybe like broken beats… etc” bit is a classic.

Lily Allen Website / Lily Allen MySpace

5 Comments to “LILY ALLEN – LDN Remix Competition / Promo CD”

  1. you’re on a roll, here, i must say! hope you enter the remix contest yourself.

  2. Re: mjrc. I will if I can find some (Free?) remix software. Do you know of any? It’s still worth downloading to get all the individual tracks to listen to.


  3. oh, i know absolutely nothing about remixing anything. i am what you might call technologically challenged! i might download it myself, though, just for the listen.

  4. Audacity and soundforge are good. Garagaband for mac is free and good. I use Acid Pro 6 – BRILLIANT program but I suggest if you want some free stuff you should try searchin on google or a p2p network or something.


  5. Re: DCDJ. I’m getting a copy of EJay at the mo. If that’s no good I’ll check your recommendations. Thanks for the tips!


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