RED ORGAN SERPENT SOUND – Autobahn: Baseball Furies Remix (10″ Single)

Autobahn CoverMarquis Cha Cha FURIES001: 28th August 2006
“We drive fast, we fly first class, I get a rash, it makes me nervous, extra hard, take it easy man, my Guru said I’ll make it your vacation”

The last thing I heard of Red Organ Serpent Sound was their single ‘In Search Of Orgasmuz’ from almost exactly a year ago.  Then this one-sided white-label Remix 10″ turns up.  It’s got The Rapture style cowbells all over it, pulsating Bass, and strangely distorted vocals.  It’s a six-minute electronic beast that’ll have you reaching for the glow-sticks.

You can buy this remix from Piccadilly records.

Red Organ Serpent Sound MySpace Page

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