THE DIABLEROS – Working Out Words (7″ Single)

Working Out Words CoverWI45 WI45002P: 28th August 2006
1. Working Out Words
“I know I’ll never make an effort like I made in night-school, ‘cos this machinery is only equipped to be marvelled… at”
2. No Weight
“You’re never gonna live with out it, until you talk to someone”

‘Working Out Words’ sounds like a Canadian version of Absentee with a great humable tune. It’s a bit lacking production wise but the song is good enough to overcome that. Pete Carmichael’s voice is deep and brim full of passion, which causes it to occasionally leap into a stirring falsetto.

On ‘No Weight’ the vocals are really thrilling like Pete’s on a mountaintop belting it out. Once again the production let’s it down but this time the tune isn’t quite good enough to save it.

Sugar Laced Soul mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Sugar Laced Soul’ on YouTube.

The Diableros Website / The Diableros MySpace Page

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