THE MACCABEES – Precious Time (CD & 7″ Single)

Precious Time CoverFiction 1704600 / 1704043: 4th September 2006
1. Precious Time (Steve Lamacq Live Session)
“Pound for pound and cheek to cheek, a cheek paler than the lamp light, take me down to light the box, I’m playin’ Super-Scalectrix”
2. X-Ray (Filthy Dukes Society Remix)
“And with this power, she can see, through solid objects, like you and me”
3. X-Ray (Filthy Dukes Society Remix Edit)
“She’s the flutter in my heart, the spring is in my step, my empty head, sees the lump form in my throat, the view in my minds eye”

This was going to be a “Fan-Club Only” single but they decided to release it in limited quantities to the general public as well.  ‘Precious Time’ is a soulful slice of Art-Rock with a great chorus of “You’ll need heart, and you’ll need courage”.  The brilliantly named Robert Dylan Thomas (Any relation of James Dean Bradfield?) is the drummer and the star of this track.  The Drums that start at 2.29 are probably some of the best you’ll witness all year.

The ‘Filthy Dukes Society Remix’ of The Maccabees’ first single ‘X-Ray’ is the reason why you need to get this release.  Wave upon wave of distorted Guitars build for a full minute before the killer Bass line kicks in.  The nervous sounding vocals recall Robert Smith but the music is what you’ll really be listening to.  Filthy Dukes have taken all the best elements of the original and grafted on wondrous new sounds to create a mix that is superior in every way to the original, while still retaining it’s spirit.  It would be great if The Maccabees drafted in Filthy Dukes to produce their whole album.  The ‘Edit’ is half the length and therefore half as good.

Click here to download an hour-long mix by Filthy Dukes called ‘Nation Of Shop Keepers/02’.  It features the likes of Jim Noir, Devo, Justice, Hot Chip, New Order and Klaxons.

Click here to watch the mind-meltingly good video for ‘Latchmere’ on YouTube.

The Maccabees Website / The Maccabees MySpace Page
Filthy Dukes Website / Filthy Dukes MySpace Page

One Comment to “THE MACCABEES – Precious Time (CD & 7″ Single)”

  1. Hi yes this track is awesome. Do you know where I can find the precious time e.p (vinyl) online to buy? Thanks very much

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