KEITH – Mona Lisa’s Child (CD, 12″ & 7″ Singles)

Mona Lisa's Child CoverLucky Number LUCKY008CD / LUCKY008T / LUCKY008S: 4th September 2006
1. Mona Lisa’s Child (Original / Blitzen Trapper Mix / Simian Mobile Disco Mix / Alain Braxe & Fred Falke Mix / Tomboy Mix / Jake Bullit Mix / Mr Dan’s Mix)
“Spare us the sob story, you’re taking up our time, all you ever do is whine”
2. Replica
“What you found doesn’t count, propositions are denied, don’t copy me”
3. Memoir
“But I said, please don’t ask me to repeat myself, ’cause I’ll probably forget”

‘Mona Lisa’s Child’ starts off like ‘Music For A Found Harmonium’ by Patrick Street before turning into a Rockier version of Happy Mondays across the course of six minutes. Specifically, the House Piano reminded me of the Club mix of ‘Hallelujah’. It’s very retro which of course makes it sound fresh as a daisy.

The ‘Blitzen Trapper Mix’ adds layers of distortion, the ‘Alain Braxe & Fred Falke Mix’ brings in a Pet Shop Boys flavour, the ‘Tomboy Mix’ sounds like Tiga, the ‘Jake Bullit Mix’ scuzzes it up and ‘Mr Dan’s Mix’ cuts the track down to a more efficient three minutes. All the Remixes are good but the pick has to be the ‘Simian Mobile Disco Mix’ (aka Über producer James Ford). It’s a mix of glistening Synths, teasing Drums, twitching electronic sounds and that wonderful Piano used to full effect. After this contribution and the recent Remix of Peaches’ last single, Simian Mobile Disco are rapidly becoming ones to watch.

‘Replica’ is a slinky tune with a subtle Reggae vibe and ‘Memoir’ is a Pixies like Rocker but neither of them comes anywhere near the fun of the A-side.

Click here to download the video for ‘Mona Lisa’s Child’ in the WMV format.

Keith Website / Keith MySpace Page
Simian Mobile Disco MySpace Page

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