LARRIKIN LOVE – Happy As Annie (Re-Issue CD, 2x 7″ & Download Singles)

Happy As Annie CoverInfectious Records WEA412CDH / WEA412H / WEA412XH / 11th September 2006
1. Happy As Annie
“And as I crunched those crispy leaves, I walked towards a shaded tree, to find a young girl lying there, drifting off without a care”
2. Cucumber
“I would laugh if my fist was a steal spanner, I would wind up all the car’s body parts, I would leak petrol out, set fire to the road, tickle the valves, embarrass the clutch”
3. A Little Peace In My Heart
“I’ve started to see things in a different light, this business, these so called friends, are riddled with spite”
4. Feliz Como O Annie
“Children please beware, I’m choked with fear”
5. Happy As Annie (Patrick Wolf Version)
“I stole into a burnt orange field, once was green, lost its zeal, to prance and dance and sing around, which is not condoned in the centre of town”

If you’ve not heard Larrikin Love before they’re like a more fun version of The Pogues. ‘Happy As Annie’ is a totally addictive slice of Indie Pop even though the chorus is “Children please beware, I’m choked with fear”. The lyrics are about stumbling across the decaying corpse of a molested schoolgirl and who’d of thought you could dance to that. This is a newly recorded version of the song and the Drums are harder, the Fiddle is more exciting, the Banjo is more furious and it’s generally ten times better.

‘Cucumber’ is a woozy song about dreaming you were a cucumber, a spanner, an art-kit and the mischief you could get up to. You’ll be dancing around to this too, but I think it’s more a case of mushrooms than cucumbers. ‘A Little Peace In My Heart’ has a psychedelic Jazz sound with a touch of Madness (The band and quite possibly the mental state as well). The title of ‘Feliz Como O Annie’ is simply ‘Happy As Annie’ in Spanish. It’s a re-work in the style of Dexys Midnight Runners with cheeky blasts of Trombone and Edward only sings the chorus.

Patrick Wolf’s version of ‘Happy As Annie’ is described as a Remix, which it isn’t, it’s an entirely new cover. It seems to veer a little too close to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ on the first listen but I got over that. Patrick employs his trademark mix of Folk and abrasive electronics and there is a great pulsating Electro bit at the end.

Happy As Annie (Original Version) mp3 (This is just for a taste, because you really need to buy the superior new version)

Click here to buy ‘Happy As Annie (Patrick Wolf Version)’ from 7Digital (It’s confusingly listed as a ‘Radio Vocal’ which isn’t very bloody helpful is it). If you ordered the limited 7″ box it came with a special CDR to burn the Patrick Wolf track onto.

The cover shot shows Edward Larrikin re-creating the Pre-Raphaelite painting ‘The Death Of Chatterton’. I’ve knocked up a comparison that you can see by clicking here.

Click here to pre-order ‘The Freedom Spark’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Six Queens’, ‘Happy As Annie (Original Version)’, ‘Happy As Annie (New Version)’, ‘Edwould’, ‘Downing Street Kindling (Time Machine Version)’ and ‘Downing Street Kindling (Super-8 Version)’ on YouTube.

Larrikin Love Website / Larrikin Love MySpace Page
Patrick Wolf MySpace Page / Patrick Wolf Fansite

2 Comments to “LARRIKIN LOVE – Happy As Annie (Re-Issue CD, 2x 7″ & Download Singles)”

  1. I am confused! Is Patrick SINGING that version? It doesn’t sound like him.

  2. Re: xolondon. I was unsure at first, so I’ve had another listen and I still think it is Patrick singing.

    Firstly, I’d never noticed before how similar Edward Larrikin’s and Patrick Wolf’s vocals are. I just think that when Patrick did the vocals he had Edward’s voice in his head and simply mimicked his style without really noticing.

    Compare the way Patrick pronounces the T of the word “Hat” at 1.15 with the way Edward doesn’t pronounces the T at all at 1.17 on the original version. It is at the least a new vocal, and it seems unlikely that Edward would re-recorded his vocal especially for Patrick’s version.

    However, I am still a little unsure. If somebody showed me proof it wasn’t Patrick, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.


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