KLAXONS – Atlantis To Interzone: Remixes (12″ & 7″ EP)

Atlantis To Interzone CoverMerok Records ME003 / ME004: 18th September 2006
Atlantis To Interzone (Third Eye Mafia Refit / Original / Ayia Napa To Interzone Tapedeck Remix / Germlin Remix / Crystal Castles Remix / Metronomy Remix)
“Good thieves of burning cars, encircle poisoned rivers minds and hearts, horses want to dance, but find their wings are damaged, water damaged”

‘Atlantis To Interzone’ is one of the singles of the year, and I’ve still haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of the original 7″ at a reasonable price from Ebay. Luckily the Klaxon boys have released it again as a six-track double-vinyl EP, with the first four tracks on a 12″ and the last two on a 7″. The lyrics rage against environmental damage and capitalism and warn of a possible biblical/ecological retribution that it might result in. You might not be able to make them out because of the furious delivery, pumping beats or even your own furious dancing, so go to Klaxon’s MySpace page and give them a read.

The ‘Third Eye Mafia Refit’ is like at least nine different remixes stitched together. There are portions of Rave, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Grime, House and even a bit in the middle where some sort of dark-lord says things like “Pain and suffering” while evil monks chant the chorus in the background. It’s like a rave at a Freemason’s lodge-house and has to be one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a long time.

The other four remixes are all great and they’re quite different to the original, but they don’t attain the same heights of lunacy as the ‘Third Eye Mafia Refit’. The ‘Ayia Napa To Interzone Tapedeck Remix’ reminds me of ‘Flat Beat’ by Mr. Oizo, the ‘Germlin Remix’ is like a messed up retro computer game theme, the ‘Crystal Castles Remix’ is like New Order and the ‘Metronomy Remix’ is like an Indie marching band.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ and ‘Atlantis To Interzone live on Transmission’ on YouTube.

Klaxons Website / Klaxons MySpace Page / Merok MySpace Page

2 Comments to “KLAXONS – Atlantis To Interzone: Remixes (12″ & 7″ EP)”

  1. i have a question i can’t find a remix of atlantis to interzone
    its not the one with chrystal castels
    maybe it was something with de/vision but i can’t remember
    and great blog !!!!!
    greetzzzzzz tj

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