MY ROBOT FRIEND – Swallow (12″ EP)

SwallowSoma SOMA204: 18th September 2006
1. Swallow (Original / D’s Weirdy Vox Dub / D’s We An Army Dub)
“Tri, bi, metro, omni sexual, homo, hetro, yo I’m flexible, horizontal, in a pile, doggy, dragon, lotus style, from beginner to advance, drop your hang-ups, drop your pants, it’s all release and relaxation, with no weird breakfast conversation”
2. Dead
“We said we’d take the world by storm, but before the clouds could even form, we we’re… dead”

‘Swallow’ kicks off like a messed up version of the A-Team theme, but when the vocals come in it turns into the kind of record the Beastie Boys would make if they came out of the closet. The lyrics are sure to bring a big grin to your face.

Musically, Derrick Carter’s two remixes are good, but since they jettison most of the rapping they are inevitably disappointing in comparison to the original. ‘Dead’ is a mix of cutting Strings, deep Bass-Guitar and fizzing electronic sound effects. The lyrics are weirdly wonderful and it sounds totally different to the A-side.

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Why Won’t You Call Me Back? mp3
I Know What Women Want mp3
You’re Out Of The Computer (Feat. Bingo Gazingo) mp3
The Fake (John B Remix) mp3
Sex Machine (John B Remix) mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Dead’ on YouTube.

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