LIVE IN LONDON ROUND-UP: 1st – 5th October 2006

I’ve not posted anything for a couple of weeks due first to illness, and then to visiting my brother in London. The second week was spent walking round galleries, watching films, attending gigs and spending more than a few hours record shopping.

Jurassic 5 LiveOn Sunday evening we went to see Jurassic 5 at the Astoria who were brilliant showmen and they employed all the tricks in the book. They got everyone to clap along, wave their hands in the air, hold up lighters and at one point they even encouraged the crowd to sit on imaginary motorcycles for their performance of ‘A Day At The Races’ (One of my all time favourite tracks). DJ Nu-Mark had his own breathtaking spot and his hands were a blur as he cut up records and appeared to be using Fischer-Price toys to create his sounds.

Hoff ChristMonday was spent doing loads of record shopping and we were in HMV just in time to see David Hasselhoff sign copies of his ludicrously catchy new single ‘Jump In My Car’ (Which sadly only went to number 3 despite the internet campaign to get him the top spot).

The Viking MosesOn Wednesday we had tickets for Micah P. Hinson with support from The Viking Moses. I’ve got one beautiful acoustic 7″ by The Viking Moses so I was surprised by the rabid Rock ‘n’ Roll three-piece that confronted me. Brendon Massei gurned, screamed and jumped around so much his guitar strap repeatedly came off but he played on anyway. This thrilling performance coupled with the solid Drums and Bass reminded me of how well Jack and Meg White work together. His best song had to be the currently unreleased ‘Surrounding Skin’ with its screams of “Feel the surrounding skin, and the blood that flows within”.

Micah P. Hinson LiveMicah P. Hinson’s set had plenty of interaction with the crowd. He got us to clap his Mum, thanked us for buying his records (And so changing his life), asked us what we thought of his new album (Someone shouted “Bollocks”, to howls of laughter) and as the gig went on the hecklers got more vocal, encouraged by Micah’s witty put-downs. It was great fun.

Badly Drawn Boy LiveThanks to my brother working for the Beeb, on Thursday we snuck in to watch Badly Drawn Boy record a session for 6 Music. He recorded three songs including a brilliant version of his last single ‘Born In The UK’. It frees a wonderful song from the shackles of the recorded-in-a-toilet production of the album version. His performance of ‘All Possibilities’ had me humming it for the rest of the day.

Jurassic 5 Website / Jurassic 5 MySpace Page

The Hoff in HMV short-clip and ‘Jump In My Car’ video on YouTube

Micah P. Hinson Website / Micah P. Hinson MySpace Page

My brother’s photos of Micah at ULU on Flickr

Poor quality clip of Micah P. Hinson at ULU on YouTube

The Viking Moses Website / The Viking Moses MySpace Page

The Viking Moses ‘Surrounding Skin’ Live video on YouTube

Badly Drawn Boy Website / Badly Drawn Boy MySpace Page

You can get the Badly Drawn Boy session as three Zip files: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

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