BROMHEADS JACKET – Trip To The Golden Arches (CD Single)

Marquis Cha Cha CHACHA016CD: 18th September 2006
1. Trip To The Golden Arches
“Oh, it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, I only popped out for a banana milkshake, and a supersized pack of chips”
2. Pinch Of Psalt
“He said I’m not tryna say these aren’t law abiding citizens, that they don’t pay their council tax or take their vitamins”

Despite the coverage they get, I’ve always thought that Bromheads Jacket were generally an average band, but they’ve always had a little spark that kept me interested. These two tracks have really impressed me, true the delivery and the music are still lacking something, but the wonderful narratives of the two lyrics are what really mark these songs out.

‘Trip To The Golden Arches’ is about getting stuck in a traffic jam when you only popped out for a Maccy-D’s. Then as you sit there, frustration building up, you start to dream you were Michael Douglas going on a gun-toting rampage. ‘Pinch Of Psalt’ is about a furtive attempt to buy drugs from some boys up your road, when suddenly the police stop-and-search them. You’re annoyed at the copper stopping them just because of how they look, but the clever joke is that you only went up to them because you thought they looked shady too.

What If’s + Maybe’s mp3
Whooley Bridge mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Trip To The Golden Arches’ On YouTube.

Click here to view the lyrics to all their songs.

Bromheads Jacket Website / Bromheads Jacket MySpace Page


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