THE BLOOD ARM – Suspicious Character (CD Single)

City Rockers ROCKERS34CD: 25th September 2006
1. Suspicious Character
“And while my right hand’s strapped for a noble cause, the left attacks with roaming aplomb”
2. Bottom Below
“Wednesday night, right at nine, the neighbours only half alive, creeping from roof tops to survive”
3. Before The Dawn
“I have served too many masters, inside cages so lack-lustre, with tied hands upon a pedestal, they call me ruthless raconteur”

In ‘Suspicious Character’, mainman Nathaniel proclaims himself to be irresistible to all the ladies of the world “I like all the girls, and all the girls like me, they tell me so” (But judging by the title, I’m sure he’s only joking). The most obvious comparison is with Franz Ferdinand, but this has a much more playful Pop edge. The slinky Piano could raise Cab Calloway from his grave and have him strutting around.

Vocally, ‘Bottom Below’ brings Julian Casablancas to mind but the Pop-Rock sound is a little too polished for my tastes. ‘Before The Dawn’ has a kind of Sixties English Pop vibe. They are both good B-sides but can’t hope to match the glitzy Pop perfection of the A-Side.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Say Yes’ and ‘Suspicious Character’ on YouTube.

The Blood Arm Website / The Blood Arm MySpace Page


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