THE BOYFRIENDS – Once Upon A Time (CD Single)

Bobby Trap Records BOOBREC022CD: 25th September 2006
1. Once Upon A Time
“Once upon a time you would travel, a hundred miles with a smile, just to be by my side, now you would not make, the journey across a room”
2. They Don’t Know
“No I don’t listen to their wasted lines, got my eyes wide open and I see the signs”
3. Apathy In The UK
“Ours is an age of convenience, in which we’re over fed into obedience”

‘Once Upon A Time’ is about coming to terms with the breakdown of a relationship but it’s a song that’s still positive and uplifting. It’s packed with thundering Townshend Guitar stabs that had me playing air-guitar to my hearts content. Of course it’s also graced by Martin Wallace’s powerful and lachrymose voice. A close inspection of the artwork shows one of those blue historical plaques revealing that the cover image is of playwright Joe Orton’s house (I assume it’s the house where he was killed). Joe was murdered by his lover, so the image seems to be a warning of what could ultimately happen if you don’t follow the lyric’s advice, and just let go.

‘They Don’t Know’ is a joyously spirited cover of a song written by Kirsty MacColl (Martin has said that Tracey Ullman’s version is his ‘Fav record of all time’). ‘Apathy In The UK’ combines weary lyrics with shimmering Guitars in the style of Editors. These are two fine tracks to add to The Boyfriends canon.

At last The Boyfriends seem to be getting the attention they deserve since I first heard them two years ago (Not least from Morrissey himself, whose voice is similar to Martin Wallace’s).

Speak Less & Listen (Demo) mp3
The White Devil (Demo) mp3

Click here to read Wikipedia’s entry about Joe Orton.

Click here to buy The Boyfriends debut album from HMV for only £8.99.

And click here to read a track-by-track guide to the album by Martin Wallace.

The Boyfriends Website / The Boyfriends MySpace Page


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