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October 13, 2006

THE STREETS (FEAT. PETE DOHERTY) – Prangin’ Out (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

679 Recordings 679L141CD1 / 679L141CD2 / 679L141: 25th September 2006
1. Prangin’ Out (Pete & Mike’s Version)
“I get back from touring, suddenly it doesn’t seem like much fun to be off my face, at a quarter to eleven am”
2. Prangin’ Out (Pete’s Version)
“Within, out, you, me, rhyme and reason, are all wildly out of season, and it’s spineless treason, the kinship that allows the violent silence”
3. Deluded In My Mind
“I’m deluded in my mind, I do good things and never lie, but sometimes our own minds can be the liars, and that’s why it wasn’t I”
4. Dreams
“My dreams teach me which dreams I need seek, reveal the deceits I speak but keep believing”

There are two versions of Mike and Pete’s collaboration, the first has verses by both singers. The chorus aside, the second version is just Pete’s new words, which is the one to listen two. Check out the album version if you want Mike’s words, not the bastardised ‘Pete & Mike’s Version’. The sound quality is bad and it opens with the line “Dear Mik…” making it sound like it’s a drunken yet lucid ramble that Pete’s left on Mike’s answering phone in the middle of the night, which only adds to it’s charms. Because Pete is moaning about a situation that is of his own making, it might put some people off, but I don’t mind a rock star baring his soul once in a while, even if it is self indulgent.

This seems to be a double A-Side since ‘Deluded In My Mind’ is included on all three formats (It’s even got a video) but someone’s forgotten to tell the artwork designer. It’s superior to either version of ‘Prangin’ Out’ in any case. The finger clicking tune makes it sound like Mike time travelled back to the 30’s with a Synthesiser and his Laptop. Plus, any song that opens with Mike shouting “Absolutely Dame Judy Dench!” has got to be good. The repetitive sound of ‘Dreams’ gets a little annoying after a while but Mike’s excellent lyric just about saves it.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Prangin’ Out’, ‘Prangin’ Out (MC Version)’, ‘Never Went To Church’ and ‘When You Wasn’t Famous’ on YouTube.

The Streets Website / The Streets MySpace Page
Babyshambles Website / Babyshambles MySpace Page

October 13, 2006

LIL’ CHRIS – Checkin’ It Out (CD Single)

RCA 88697002812: 25th September 2006
1. Checkin’ It Out
“This is my golden opportunity, to take a cherry from her apple tree”
2. Me & My Life (Acoustic Version)
“When it comes to me, you get what you see, be what you are, and not what you’re told to be”

Apparently Chris “Lil’ Chris” Hardman appeared on the 2nd series of Gene Simmons’ Rock School show on Channel Four. Since this is the product of a school kid from a reality show it must be pretty manufactured. But if this is the sound of a manufactured song then… viv’ la manufacturé!

‘Checkin’ It Out’ is the loosest, freshest, most rabid slice of Pop-Punk you’re likely to hear. That’s in no small part to Chris’s hyperactive vocals, which sound like a pre-pubescent male version of Poly Styrene (The front-woman of X-Ray Spex, not the packing material). It sounds like before they recorded the song, the producer fed him an entire shipment of Smarties and attached electrodes to his balls. It’s rendered imperfect by some whiney Emo guy in the background, but you can’t have everything. Just one listen to the chorus of “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-checkin’ it out!” will have it stuck in your head for the rest of the year.

Again Chris’s vocals bring a female singer to mind on the B-side ‘Me & My Life’, and this time it’s Siouxsie Sioux. The energetic vocals and simplistic lyrics don’t quite work when pared with just an Acoustic Guitar but still, his frenzied shouts of “Ah-ah-ah!” would put Karen O to shame.

I insist you watch the brilliant video for ‘Checkin’ It Out’ on YouTube. It’s like a mad inverted version of Andrew W.K’s classic video for ‘She Is Beautiful’.

Lil’ Chris Website / Lil’ Chris MySpace Page / Lil’ Chris Fansite

October 13, 2006

Lily Allen – LDN (2x CD Singles)

Regal CDREG137: 25th September 2006
1. LDN
“Everything seems to look as it should, but I wonder what goes on behind doors”
2. Nan You’re A Window Shopper
“I walk into your kitchen, everything’s got a label, you’ve done your Christmas shopping, and we’re only in April”
3. Naïve
“How could this been done, you’re such a smiling sweetheart, oh and your sweet and pretty face, in such an ugly way”
4. LDN (Warbox Original Dub)
“You might laugh, you might frown, walkin’ round London town”

You must have heard ‘LDN’ already right, it’s one of the finest moments of sun kissed Pop of the last few years, so it probably needs no introduction. What is new is the brilliant ‘Warbox Original Dub’ courtesy of Ashley Beedle. It’s wonderfully chilled out and features a sparkling extra layer of Organ that just radiates sunshine.

You also must have heard about ‘Nan You’re A Window Shopper’ a track that’s been doing the rounds as an mp3 all year. It’s probably mostly responsible for Lily’s reputation as a fearsome and hilarious lyricist. It’s great that it gets a proper release, no one should be without this track. It’s a parody of 50 Cent’s ‘Window Shopper’, where as he brags about how much money he’s got, Lily’s new lyrics are about her thrifty granny and references to things like “Strepsils” and “Bingo”.

‘Naïve’ is a cover of schoolmate Luke Pritchard’s band The Kooks’ hit single. I disliked the original but I love Lily’s angelic vocals and the warm Acoustic Guitar on this version.

Click here to buy Lily’s album ‘Alright, Still’ for the incredible price of £6.99 from HMV.

Click here to download ‘Alright, Steal’. It’s a compilation of the tracks that Lily has covered, sampled and been influenced by. MusicLikeDirt compiled it with artwork by myself. Enjoy.

Lily Allen Website / Lily Allen MySpace

October 13, 2006

DAN SARTAIN – Replacement Man (CD Single)

One Little Indian 766TP7CD: 25th September 2006
1. Replacement Man
“Well he don’t love you no more, and when you kiss me you just want to even up that score”
2. Indian Ink (Toe Rag Version)
“We’ll mark out the name of the girl that I love, with no fancy gun, with no rubber gloves, with a needle and thread, and I’ll stand over the sink, well give me that bottle of indian ink”

Dan Sartain conjures the spirit of Johnny Cash in ‘Replacement Man’s bitter tale of unrequited love. Acoustic Guitars and Drums beat out a kind of cowboy rhythm while Ennio Morricone Electric Guitars crash over the top. It’s just one of the standout tracks from his new album ‘Join Dan Sartain’.

Some of Dan’s new album was recorded at Liam Watson’s famous Toe Rag studios, London (Including ‘Replacement Man’) but the album version of ‘Indian Ink’ was recorded at Strange Sounds studio in San Diego. The LP recording has aggressive Guitars but the ‘Toe Rag Version’ has none at all and is instead built around Tribal Drums. Musically, I’d say it was a better track, but the angry album version does fit the lyrics better and it also omits the excellent first verse.

Click here to order the ‘Join Dan Sartain’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

Baby’s Town mp3 (Outtake from ‘The Serpientes’ LP)
Not The Boy She Knew mp3 (Rare early song)

Click here to buy the limited ‘Sartain Family Legacy 1981-1998’ Compilation.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Replacement Man’, ‘Walk Among The Cobras Pt. I’ and ‘Besa Me Mucho’ on YouTube.

Dan Sartain MySpace Page / Cass Website / Swami Website
One Little Indian Website / Sky Bucket Website