THE STREETS (FEAT. PETE DOHERTY) – Prangin’ Out (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

679 Recordings 679L141CD1 / 679L141CD2 / 679L141: 25th September 2006
1. Prangin’ Out (Pete & Mike’s Version)
“I get back from touring, suddenly it doesn’t seem like much fun to be off my face, at a quarter to eleven am”
2. Prangin’ Out (Pete’s Version)
“Within, out, you, me, rhyme and reason, are all wildly out of season, and it’s spineless treason, the kinship that allows the violent silence”
3. Deluded In My Mind
“I’m deluded in my mind, I do good things and never lie, but sometimes our own minds can be the liars, and that’s why it wasn’t I”
4. Dreams
“My dreams teach me which dreams I need seek, reveal the deceits I speak but keep believing”

There are two versions of Mike and Pete’s collaboration, the first has verses by both singers. The chorus aside, the second version is just Pete’s new words, which is the one to listen two. Check out the album version if you want Mike’s words, not the bastardised ‘Pete & Mike’s Version’. The sound quality is bad and it opens with the line “Dear Mik…” making it sound like it’s a drunken yet lucid ramble that Pete’s left on Mike’s answering phone in the middle of the night, which only adds to it’s charms. Because Pete is moaning about a situation that is of his own making, it might put some people off, but I don’t mind a rock star baring his soul once in a while, even if it is self indulgent.

This seems to be a double A-Side since ‘Deluded In My Mind’ is included on all three formats (It’s even got a video) but someone’s forgotten to tell the artwork designer. It’s superior to either version of ‘Prangin’ Out’ in any case. The finger clicking tune makes it sound like Mike time travelled back to the 30’s with a Synthesiser and his Laptop. Plus, any song that opens with Mike shouting “Absolutely Dame Judy Dench!” has got to be good. The repetitive sound of ‘Dreams’ gets a little annoying after a while but Mike’s excellent lyric just about saves it.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Prangin’ Out’, ‘Prangin’ Out (MC Version)’, ‘Never Went To Church’ and ‘When You Wasn’t Famous’ on YouTube.

The Streets Website / The Streets MySpace Page
Babyshambles Website / Babyshambles MySpace Page


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