LILY ALLEN – LDN: DJ Remixes (3x 12″ Singles)

Regal LDNDJ02 / LDNDJ03 / LDNDJ04: 25th September 2006
LDN (Crack Whore Riddim / Switch Remix / Warbox Original Cut Dub / Wookie Remix / Silverlink’s Future Fix)
“A fella lookin’ dapper, and he’s sittin’ with a slapper, then I see it’s a pimp and his crack whore”

To accompany the copies of ‘LDN’ you’ll find in the regular shops, Regal have released three fantastic 12″s for the DJs among you. As you can see by the catalogue numbers above, I seem to be missing ‘LDNDJ01’, but no matter where I look, it seems that there is actually no such thing, it’s just an anomaly.

First up is the ‘Crack Whore Riddim’ by the South Rakkas Crew. It’s a delirious mix of backwards vocals that sound like eastern chanting, grimey beats, a theme or two from Lemmings, cheapo Keyboards, beautiful strings and robot voices. It almost matches the recent ‘Third Eye Mafia’ remix of Klaxons in the insanity stakes. Annoyingly, Dave Taylor has employed both phone sounds and gunshots for his ‘Switch Remix’. If you stick with it you’ll begin to love it for the start-stop rhythm and Ghostbusters sound effects (Even if it occasionally makes you wonder if the needle has got itself stuck).

Despite the slightly different title, Ashley Beedle’s ‘Warbox Original Cut Dub’ is the same amazing remix that appeared on the CD version of ‘LDN’. It’s a mellow Organ-heavy cut that brings up images of a lazy Sunday in the Caribbean. The ‘Wookie Remix’ is a mix of chilled-out Lemon Jelly style music and what sounds like the Mysterons theme from Captain Scarlet. ‘Silverlink’s Future Fix’ is what it would have sounded like if Kraftwerk lived in Jamaica instead of Germany.

1st prize still has to go to Ashley Beedle’s effort, but the ‘Crack Whore Riddim’ comes a very close second.

Click here to buy Lily’s album ‘Alright, Still’ for the incredible price of £6.99 from HMV.

You can still download all the separate elements from ‘LDN’ so you can make you’re own remix. It’s a huge 262mb Zip file that’s totally free and you can get by clicking here.

Click here to download ‘Alright, Steal’. It’s a compilation of the tracks that Lily has covered, sampled and been influenced by. MusicLikeDirt compiled it with artwork by myself. Enjoy.

Lily Allen Website / Lily Allen MySpace


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