BADLY DRAWN BOY – Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind (2x CD Singles)

EMI CDEM701 / CDEMS701: 9th October 2006
1. Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind (Original / Hot Chip Mix / King Creosote Version / Maps Mix)
“I stole all the roses that make your crown, now it’s easier, to just put aside the things that face us now”
2. One Wrong Turn
“Hey baby we dropped a stitch, it’s like I don’t know where, and I don’t care which”

Luckily ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind’ doesn’t have any of the production deficiencies that Badly Drawn Boy’s last single ‘Born In The UK’ suffered from. Damon’s voice has rarely sounded better and he brings to mind the graceful Falsetto of Wayne Coyne.

‘Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind’ seems to have brought out the spiritual sides of his collaborators. All of the versions feature completely new and radically different music. The ‘Hot Chip Mix’ is like the music you’d get in a strange eastern temple where pray to a little god in woolly hat. The ‘King Creosote Version’ is listed as a ‘Mix’ but it’s actually a completely new cover. It’s an astonishingly beautiful Folk soundscape mixing Accordion, Synthesiser, Harmonica and even backing vocals by the guy who sang the Transformer theme. It’s like the mystical sound of the universe and justifies every second of its nine-minute length. The ‘Maps Mix’ uses a contrasting mix of church Organs and harsh electronic beats.

‘One Wrong Turn’ is a Drum heavy track with some of the best lyrics Damon’s written in a long time. It sounded like an absolute anthem on the second listen but it’s almost scuppered by some of the same production flaws as ‘Born In The UK’.

Click here to buy the new ‘Born In The UK’ album for only £8.99 from HMV. Or click here to buy the deluxe Passport replica version with bonus DVD for £12.99.

You can get Badly Drawn Boy’s 6 Music Session from last week as three Zip files: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Visit ‘Silent Site’ to get two full shows as mp3s and ‘It Came From The Underground’ have kindly put up bags of media files to grab.

Badly Drawn Boy Website / Badly Drawn Boy MySpace Page
It Came From The Underground Fansite / Silent Site Fansite
Hot Chip Website / Hot Chip MySpace Page
King Creosote Website / King Creosote MySpace Page
Maps Website / Maps MySpace Page


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