INFADELS – Girl That Speaks No Words (CD EP)

Wall Of Sound WALLD116 / WALLS116: 9th October 2006
1. Girl That Speaks No Words (Radio Edit / Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix Edit / Live Version)
“Been falling at the seams, now she’s grabbing at my jeans”
2. Steady As She Goes
“When you have completed, what you thought you had to do, and your blood’s depleted, to the point of stable glue, then you’ll get along”

‘Girl That Speaks No Words’ is like New Order with Julian Casablancas on vocals backed by an irrestistable thumping beat. The solo is so Peter Hook it hurts and the lyrics are wonderfully eccentric. The ‘Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix Edit’ retains the basic sound of the original and makes it a little slicker, but it’s not quite as much fun. The ‘Live Version’ has an extra anthemic quality that the studio version doesn’t have. The solo just begs for some air guitar action and the live Drums are fantastic (It was recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam in July). The shouts of “Take me with you!” would go down very well in a huge stadium venue.

The A-side is brilliant, but the reason I bought this single was because it had a cover of ‘Steady As She Goes’ by The Raconteurs (I have to have everything connected with Jack White). The riff lends itself so well to a dirty Synth sound, that in retrospect it seems obvious. When the brakes slam on at 2.02, it’s even more thrilling than the original. It’s essential for any Raconteurs fan.

Love Like Semtex (Mr. B Mix) mp3
Leave Your Body mp3

Click here to buy the Infadels album for only £8.99 from HMV (That includes a full length live DVD for your money!).

Infadels Website / Infadels MySpace Page


2 Comments to “INFADELS – Girl That Speaks No Words (CD EP)”

  1. hey, i like these guys!

  2. Re: mjrc. Infadels’ artwork had caught my eye before, but I’d never listened to them. Now I’ll have to get more records by them.


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