DUELS – Once In The Night (2x 7″ EP)

Nude NUD7S68: 16th October 2006
1. Once In The Night
“Decisions he has made, the failures of a new decade, inform his every movement, he has visions of atonement”
2. Half Wrong / Half Right
“The perfume hangs heavy in the air, it’s mixed with smoke and music”
3. I, Mosquito
“You were pretty as a picture, a picture of health”
4. Sisters
“Three years is patience in me, and he never knows how you feel”

The ‘Once In The Night’ EP continues Duels’ growth into a force to reckoned with. It’s produced by the omni-present James Ford and it reminds me of the soaring sound of British Sea Power. Like the last single ‘The Slow Build’, it’s a soundscape of shimmering Guitars and thudding Drums. The cinematic lyrics seem to be about the “Dark Night of the Soul”. ‘Once In The Night’ sounded like an undeniable anthem on the first listen, never mind the second.

The massive Drums on ‘Half Wrong / Half Right’ make it sound like a great lost Elbow track. ‘I, Mosquito’ is un-characteristically aggressive, and all the better for it. The music perfectly reflects the tense lyrics. ‘Sisters’ is a mix of Radiohead like chanting, sweet Acoustic Guitars, angry Electric Guitars and breathless vocals.

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