LITTLE BARRIE – Pin That Badge (10″ EP)

Genuine GEN051TEN: 16th October 2006
1. Pin That Badge
“You’ll be promoted if you pin that badge, love and devoted if you pin that badge, chest full o’ medals and a desk to match, a pretty woman and a semi-detached”
2. Green Eyed Fool
“Some call me bitter, but I like the taste, tough to resist another one horse race”
3. Cash In
“Don’t mind, ’cause me and I got the whole thing figured, just don’t diggit, so ain’t gonna cash in, on the fashion, no more”
4. Why Don’t You Do It?
“Been a stranger all week, with the stuff ya didn’t do and the people that you meet, and diggin’ out the worst like pulling teeth”

‘Pin That Badge’ is like a funkier version of The Zutons when they used to be funky.  The riff is so gut wrenchingly badass that it’s almost silly.  It’s light years ahead of last year’s single ‘Greener Pastures’ and that’s possibly down to the production skills of Dan The Automator.

‘Green Eyed Fool’ gleefully steals from Donovan’s ‘Sunshine Superman’ with an added dollop of sleazy Rock (And the drum break is to die for).  ‘Cash In’ has snarling Guitars and plenty of squealing bluesman style Harmonicas.  ‘Why Don’t You Do It?’ is a laid back Blues number with a breathtaking performance from Barrie Cadogan. He makes his Guitar sing, gently sigh and snap like a dog.

Little Barrie’s last album was quite promising but this EP is an astounding leap forward.  A second album is promised early next year and I await it with bated breath.

Click here to watch the video for 2005’s ‘Free Salute’ single.

Little Barrie Website / Little Barrie MySpace Page


2 Comments to “LITTLE BARRIE – Pin That Badge (10″ EP)”

  1. i really like the song “free salute” but the rest of that album didn’t do much for me. what do you think, is this one better?

  2. Re: mjrc. Yes, the last album’s material was mediocre, but promising. This EP is a huge leap forward, it’s like a different band. Can’t promise a whole album would be as good, but hopefully it will be.

    I gaurentee you’ll like the ‘Pin That Badge’ track. It’s available from all the usual download services but the B-sides are not sadly (I’ve checked).


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