LUXEMBOURG – Sick Of DIY (CD Single)

Dog Box BOX15CD: 16th October 2006
1. Sick Of DIY
“It’s not flattering, I took a battering, at the back of the top of the number 31”
2. Fingers
“Don’t get that ring engraved for me dear, not me dear, and leave your armchairs where they are, they’re fine”
3. Changing Trains
“On the coastal path, and later on the beach, something kind is said, and then the subject must be changed”

At last, I hold in my hands another single from the brilliant and as yet criminally unnoticed Luxembourg. Once again it’s another spectacular display of David Shah’s searingly emotional voice. Listen to the way he lovingly croons the word “Sweet” and then the way he shivers the word “Bitter”. The Synths are like towers of shining Crystal, particularly on the epic solo, and the Drums are thrilling (They had me air-drumming anyway). The lyrics are full of the usual subtle wit, with lines like “I’m all wrong, but you are alright” and unless I’m very much mistaken they have a double meaning, as Swiss Tony once said “Hanging wallpaper is also very much like… etc”.

‘Fingers’ is about pessimism and the fear of commitment, which is illustrated by lines like “I can’t help seeing the end in every beginning”. The interplay between the Strings and the Bass towards the end is so catchy. ‘Changing Trains’ has the kind of grace not heard since Antony & The Johnson’s last album. The production is stripped back to just a Piano and a Spanish Guitar and it’s one of the most haunting songs that they’ve produced so far.

Luxembourg have finally recorded their debut album proper (After 2004’s demo compilation, which would probably be in my top 10 albums of all time) and it’s called ‘Front’. You can buy it from the Dog Box site for £9.99 + P&P (Go on treat yourself).

Close-Cropped mp3
Success Is Never Enough (Edit) mp3
(I Need) A Little Bit More (Than You Can Give Me) mp3 (Essential, essential, essential!)
Pin Me Down mp3
Let Us Have It mp3
The Exhibitionist mp3
Faint Praise (Acoustic) mp3
We Are The Resistance (Acoustic) mp3 (Exclusive website download)

Luxembourg Website / Luxembourg MySpace Page
Dog Box Website / Dog Box MySpace Page

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