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October 26, 2006

Circuits – Say No Say Yeah / Question Marked Shaped Heart (CD Single)

Try Science TRYS003CDS: 23rd October 2006
1. Say No Say Yeah
“You’ve only got two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as hard as you speak when you are spoken to”
2. Question Marked Shaped Heart
“A cardinal sin or a golden rule, it’s hard to tell between the two”

Fantastic, a second double A-side from Circuits after June’s spectacular ‘Radio Silence / Half Read Book’ single.  ‘Say No Say Yeah’ is an instant handclap enhanced Pop-Punk anthem.  You’ll play air Guitar, air Drums, bang your head, stomp your feet and of course sing along.  When the Horns kick in at 2.19 it’s like the Rocky theme tune.  ‘Question Marked Shaped Heart’ has a Jamaican twang to the music and vocals without thankfully sounding anything like Sting.  I love the way Benny Smith rhymes “Symmetry” with “Cemetery” and his vocals have a touch of The Rapture like hysteria to them.

Circuits are creeping up on the Indie competition with nought but cracking tunes played with passion and a good deal of excitement.  Long may it continue!

Enough Rope mp3
Plan A mp3

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October 26, 2006

APARTMENT – 10,000 Times (2xCD Singles)

Fleet Street Recordings FSSIN02 / FSSIN02X: 23rd October 2006
1. 10,000 Times
“In the commons, when they’re joking, don’t you know, it’s at your expense”
2. The Flood
“When it’s my stop, it’s my stop, when it’s real nice, it’s not you”
3. My Brother Chris (World Of Leather Extreme Glam Mix / Apartment V Chegoku Mix)
“I knew he’d pass us by like that, to get the toast, whip it out of the hat”

Musically ‘10,000 Times’ reminds me of the towering radio friendly Rock of Snow Patrol but vocally it’s much more fun. David Caggiari’s voice is rich and deep but it often slips into a comic tone. The bizarre way he rhymes “Forty” with “Albuquerque” is absolutely priceless. At first the lyrics seem to be advocating mass rebellion against our government but then the chorus of “Flying the flag for mutiny, etc, etc” sounds like they’re mocking the half-baked plans of the protesters.

Without the vocal flourishes of the A-side, ‘The Flood’ disappoints, although the way David Caggiari sings “I fucked up” in his most serious voice is great. Music wise, it’s like an epic mix of Coldplay and iLiKETRAiNS. Last up are two remixes of last single ‘My Brother Chris’. The ‘World Of Leather Extreme Glam Mix’ is a nice mix of ice-cold Synths and robot voices but at six and a half minutes it out stays its welcome. The ‘Apartment V Chegoku Mix’ is like New Order meets Delays with an extra slice of violent noise.

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