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October 27, 2006

DAN SARTIAN – Who’s Sorry Now? (7″ Single)

Bent Rail Foundation BENT10: September 2004
1. Who’s Sorry Now?
“Well who sings the blues, yeah you got the golden touch, and you just can’t lose”
2. This Is How They Beat You Down
“They took his heart, and they beat him down”

I’ve just bought a new Dan Sartain 7″, well new to me anyway, since apparently it’s a couple of years old. If you want a copy, you can still buy it from Bent Rail Foundation’s Website. I already had ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ because it was included as the b-side to February’s ‘Walk Among The Cobras Pt. I’ single. It’s a gently rolling number that’s stocked full of simmering menace. The tune’s built around Dan’s twanging Guitar and an ominous Organ with a solo provided by what sounds like the flapping of insect wings.

‘This Is How They Beat You Down’ is new and as far as I know this 7″ is the only place to get it. The lyrics are little more than the title but the song is more about summing up feelings of frustration through the music. Squealing Fuzz-Guitars, thudding Drums and even twinkling bells build to unbearable levels of anger at the end.

I like the way new Dan Sartain releases keep cropping up. If anybody else knows about any releases on other Indie labels, please tell me (Or even better, if anybody knows about a comprehensive Discography).

Baby’s Town mp3 (Outtake from ‘The Serpientes’ LP)
Not The Boy She Knew mp3 (Rare early song)

Here are links to order his latest album ‘Join Dan Sartain’, or his last album ‘Dan Sartain Vs The Serpientes’ from HMV for £7.99 each.

Click here to buy the limited ‘Sartain Family Legacy 1981-1998’ Compilation.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Replacement Man’, ‘Walk Among The Cobras Pt. I’ and ‘Besa Me Mucho’ on YouTube.

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