MONSTER BOBBY – Heaven Hides Nothing (7″ Single)

Remake/Remodel Records RRR001: 23rd October 2006
1. Heaven Hides Nothing
“But if you want to know the truth, it’s embarrassing but, oh I’m in heaven when you catch my eye, and we keep that eye line”
2. It’s Over (I Miss You)
“Lately I’ve not been much at home, but I’ve not been really going out, since you left me, I’ve been a little lost”
3. My Debts Spiral Out Of Control
“I am broke again today, I walk the streets and look for change, ATM won’t gimme no love, I try and get cash-back from a supermarket”

Last year, while trawling the net for mp3s, I came across a track called ‘I Keep On Losing Things’ by a guy called Monster Bobby. I instantly loved it and it was one of my favourite tracks last year and I hoped to hear more. Now my wish has come true with the release of his debut 7″. You might not of heard the name but you’ll have heard his music. Because between that mp3 and now, he’s been the promoter/writer/guitarist/svengali type guy behind top-30 act The Pipettes.

‘Heaven Hides Nothing’ sounds like what would have happened if Brian Wilson had wrote themes for computer games in the eighties. ‘It’s Over (I Miss You)’ has the mental Electro-Pop sound of Best Fwends but it’s been channelled into a proper tune. ‘My Debts Spiral Out Of Control’ has a wonderfully spiritual Organ sound and gorgeous vocals which bring to mind The Flaming Lips.

These are three incredible, hummable and melodic dreamy Pop songs that seem too shy and modest to show off with overly glitzy productions. I look forward to hearing Monster Bobby’s next release (A promised split single on the curiously titled Total Gaylord Records’).

I Keep On Losing Things mp3

You can order the 7″ from all the usual suspects or straight from Remake/Remodel’s MySpace Page.

Click here to read a recent interview with Monster Bobby.

Monster Bobby MySpace Page / Remake/Remodel MySpace Page

One Comment to “MONSTER BOBBY – Heaven Hides Nothing (7″ Single)”

  1. Thanks for writing about the Monster Bobby release. If you email me your address I’ll send you a promo of the label’s next release by Inbetween Days.


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