Deal Real 1709726: 23rd October 2006
1. Bread + Roses
“Only bread and roses will you find, on my table”
2. Brave The Cold (Live)
“The night is on freeze-frame, and double-brandies triple-glaze the cold, from my soul”
3. Everything Happens To Me
“I’ve emailed and I’ve phoned, sent a text message or two, you told me to piss off, for that respect is due”
4. Bread + Roses (Mr Hudson Vs DJ Wonder)
“So what you gonna do with all that cash, it must get boring, being so flash”

‘Bread + Roses’ is built from little else than cut-up Acoustic-Guitars, Bass Guitars and Drums. But those elements are so deftly and economically used that it seems whole orchestras are going on in the background. It’s the kind of efficient Pop that characterised early-to-mid-period Beatles. The lyrics are asking people to be a little less selfish and perhaps as frugal as the music. The ‘Mr Hudson Vs DJ Wonder’ version is a nice mix of squelching beats and massed sighs.

‘Brave The Cold (Live)’ is a Funky, Jazzy and uplifting Piano driven winter-warmer. ‘Everything Happens To Me’ is the best track on the EP and it brings to mind the best of early Tom Waits (Except Mr Hudson hasn’t been gargling with battery acid). It’s got the sound of a smoky Piano bar with rain bucketing down outside while the lyrics and voice mix depression with laugh-out-loud humour.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Bread + Roses’ on YouTube.

Mr Hudson & The Library MySpace Page

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