PATRICK WOLF – Accident & Emergency (CD, Download & 7″ Singles)

Loog 1707539 / 7Digital / 1707540: 30th October 2006
1. Accident & Emergency
“So what happens when you loose everything, you just carry on and with a grin, sing for all that low life has to bring, and just get yourself back into the ring”
2. Underworld
“You wake up at night, and see the light in the basement, through the crack in the floor”
3. Adder
“And the friends have all gone away, and it feels so good to be alone”
4. Ari’s Song
“Let the rain wash away your cloudy days, sail away into a dream, let the wind send you a fantasy, the ancient silver sea”
5. The Childcatcher (Live)
“You gave me shoes and pretty clothes, and I gave you what I had between my legs”

Ever since I fell in love with Patrick Wolf’s first EP back in 2002, I’ve greeted his new releases with levels of excitement and anticipation that I just don’t have for any other artist. I think it’s because a Patrick Wolf record could sound like anything, because the lyrics could say anything and because it’s certain to be even better than his last. You know he’s someone different when the sleeve notes to this single read “Ambulance recorded on Lafayette street, New York, USA” and “Naughty children recorded at Pisa Airport, Italy”.

The beautiful Piano laments aside, Patrick Wolf’s songs usually break down into two categories, incredible Electro-Folk songs (‘Bloodbeat’, ‘The Libertine’) or visceral assaults on the senses (‘The Childcatcher’, ‘Tristan’). His new single ‘Accident & Emergency’ manages to perfectly meld both sides, the crazy mix of noises should be a cacophony, but instead it’s one of the most brilliantly realised and bizarre Pop songs in a long time. It sounds like a brass-band playing one last tune while trapped in a burning digital-watch factory. This ability to marshal any sound into line behind his piper’s tune shows he’s at the peak of his powers. ‘Accident & Emergency’ is a hugely uplifting song and he effectively reviews it with the last line, “Accident and emergency, bringing out the best in me”.

The B-sides are more low-key Piano based songs but are no less rewarding. ‘Underworld’ was written by Patrick’s friend Eva Eden and it’s like Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ with words. ‘Adder’ is like a Kate Bush like song with Patrick’s vocals gliding along in a graceful falsetto. ‘Ari’s Song’ gently rises and falls like a boat on the ocean that the lyrics describe. The live version of ‘The Childcatcher’ is played entirely on the Piano but is no less brutal and harrowing for the lack of instrumentation. I wouldn’t want to have been that Piano; he beats the hell out of it.

Click here to read Patrick Wolf’s review of six other singles jockeying for position with his own on the Guardian’s Website.

Below are links to download two tracks that where only available on the first sold-out EP, including one of my all time favourite songs, ‘Pumpkin Soup’.

Empress mp3
Pumpkin Soup mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘To The Lighthouse’, ‘Teignmouth’, ‘The Libertine’, ‘Wind In The Wires’, ‘Souvenirs’, ‘Tristan’, ‘Accident & Emergency’ and ‘Bluebells’ on YouTube.

Patrick Wolf Website / Patrick Wolf MySpace Page
Spanish Fansite / Unofficial Forum / Media Archive

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  1. thankyou so much for the links to pumpkin soup and empress! x

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