THE LONG BLONDES – Once & Never Again (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Rough Trade RTRADSCD373: 23rd October 2006
1. Once & Never Again
“Another drama by the kitchen sink tonight, you said you’d cut yourself, whilst washing up the knives”
2. Five Ways To End It
“He takes all his women for decadent dinners, expensive restaurants, don’t mean a thing”
3. Who Are You To Her?
“Who are you to her, well I’m expecting you to say, yes I’m expecting you to end it in your own distinctive way”
4. The Whippet Fancier
“And there are things you won’t forget, four-seven-eleven at the nape of the neck, swallow tattoos and cameo brooches, applying eyes on south bound coaches, raiding skips of next door neighbours, piles of unread Sunday papers, stealing from cosmetics counters, and all the things I’ll never ever do again, now that you’ve gone”

‘Once & Never Again’ is a catchy combination of lyrics worthy of Morrissey and music that evokes all the great sixties girl groups with a crackling noughties Indie-Rock edge. It’s not quite the equal of break-through single ‘Weekend Without Makeup’ but it’s fairly close.

The Long Blondes’ lyrics are written by Guitarist Dorian but on ‘Five Ways To End It’ the words are by singer Kate Jackson. There’s a pumping Bass line, shimmering Guitars and whispered Jarvis style vocals. It’s better than the A-side, but with its six-minute length, waves of distortion and Electro coda, it was never going to be a single. ‘Who Are You To Her?’ might be the best song that The Long Blondes have recorded so far. I played air Bass, whistled along and it features the hilarious line “I’m still classic girlfriend material”. Scratch that, ‘The Whippet Fancier’ is The Long Blondes’ best song. It’s certainly Dorian’s best lyric (I could have quoted the whole thing) and it’s got glorious twanging Guitars and a head banging rhythm.

These four songs are an even more convincing statement of The Long Blondes’ credentials than their last single. The world’s only got one week to wait till the debut album hits the stores… lucky, lucky world.

Click here to pre-order The Long Blondes’ debut album ‘Someone To Drive You Home’ from HMV for only £7.99.

Here are links to download a selection of the best tracks from various sold-out Long Blondes releases:

Appropriation (By Any Other Name) mp3
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My Heart Is Out Of Bounds mp3
Polly mp3
Separated By Motorways (Sexamatronic Remix) mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘New Idols’, ‘Long Blonde’, ‘Autonomy Boy’, ‘Appropriation (By Any Other Name)’, ‘Separated By Motorways’ and ‘Weekend Without Makeup’, ‘Once & Never Again’ on YouTube.

The Long Blondes Website / The Long Blondes MySpace Page / Unofficial Forum

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