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November 5, 2006

KLAXONS – Magick (CD Single)

Rinse RINSE1CD: 30th October 2006
1. Magick
“The vision and the voice, the view from Devil’s tower, the snake with tale on tongue, the broken silver one”
2. Hall Of Records
“Every time we leave, come on dance with me, every night we leave, come on dance with me, our games end in endless harmony”
3. Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
“The glitter on the snow, the place to always go”

‘Magick’ isn’t anything like as good as ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ which made me dance like I was on fire (Literally not metaphorically).  But then again ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ was one the most insanely brilliant singles for years.  ‘Magick’ has got two sides, one is slow and menacing and the other is manic electronic mayhem.  The lyrics are influenced by Aleister Crowley’s ideas about “Magick” (‘Atlantis To Interzone’ was inspired by William Burroughs).  The chorus of “Magick Without Tears” is the title of his 1973 book.  ‘Magick’ would’ve made an excellent B-side or album track, but it hasn’t got enough substance to be an A-side.

‘Hall Of Records’ has a chorus of “Come on and dance with me” which is always gonna work. That’s lucky, because apart from that the track is a bit average.  Luckily, the always-reliable Simian Mobile Disco ride to the rescue with an epic seven minute rework of ‘Magick’.  Specially for this remix, they visited a secret temple in Tibet and recorded the chanting of the monks as they worshipped the god of dance and then later they ventured into the dark jungle and recorded the mating sound of a previously undiscovered creature (Or at least, that’s what it sounds like to me).  Simian Mobile Disco are slowly becoming one of the best things to happen to music this year.

Atlantis To Interzone (Clarky Cat Remix) mp3 (For all the Chris Morris fans)
Not Over Yet mp3 (Cover of a Grace track)

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