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November 8, 2006

SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO – Tits & Acid / Animal House (12″ Promo)

Simian Mobile Disco SMD003: 30th October 2006
1. Tits & Acid
2. Animal House

James Ford and Jas Shaw created Simian Mobile Disco out of the ashes of Simian, who’ve had a second lease of life when Justice remixed their ‘Never Be Alone’ song. This is Simian Mobile Disco’s third single after ‘Pulse’ and ‘Hustler’ (Not counting a split 12″ with Dieter Schmidt).

Picture that Jason Nevins video, now imagine it’s a warehouse full of charged up disparate Electro beats and one by one they step out from the crowd to go crazy and do their thang. If you’ve got that image then maybe you’ve got some idea of what a furious and downright brilliant mess ‘Tits & Acid’ is. It reminded me of Chris Morris’ “Cake” music, but oddly enough in a good way, and as the loathsome Bernard Manning said “It’s made from chemicals… sick bastards”. ‘Animal House’ brings to mind Kraftwerk, and that’s not just because of the music, there’s also a German guy saying “Annie-moll haus” repeatedly. It’s not quite as deliriously manic as ‘Tits & Acid’ but it’s defiantly worth a spin or two.

I’ve also just bought a fun mash-up of ‘We Are Your Friends’ by Justice Vs Simian and ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ by Snoop Dogg (Feat. Pharrell). I’m not completely sure who did the deed and the MySpace page simply says, “Please, please, please don’t sue us”. Click below to download it and while you’re at it, grab last years superb Snoop/Eddie Cochran mash-up and a new Rick Ross/Simian Mobile Disco blend.

Snoop Dogg Vs Justice Vs Simian – Drop Your Friends mp3
DJ Prince – C’mon Everybody Let’s Drop It Like It’s Hot mp3
Rick Ross Vs Simian Mobile Disco – Hustlin’ Hustler mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Hustler’ and ‘Hustlin’ Hustler’ on YouTube.

Simian Mobile Disco Website / Simian Mobile Disco MySpace Page
Drop Your Friends MySpace Page