THE VIKING MOSES – Werewolves In The City (7″ Single)

Poptones MC5123S: 6th November 2006
1. Werewolves In The City
“Fuck the riverside PD with their helicopter shining light beam, cos I’m a biker, but not like Harley Davidson, but like the Spandex and the gloves on, sexy in the light oh”
2. Threshold Of Man
“I bow down to the mercy of your hand, cos there’s tones of shit I’ll never understand, standing at the threshold of man”

I saw The Viking Moses in October and I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t just the haunting lo-fi Folk I was expecting. Brendon Massei was a spitting, shouting Rock ‘n Roll animal. Apparently he lives a nomadic life and has been on tour constantly for a decade. He lists all of his numerous recording sessions on his Website and many are still to be released (This year’s ‘Crosses’ album was actually recorded in 2002). I love the idea of an artist recording when he feels like it or when the opportunity arises and releasing it being a secondary consideration.

‘Werewolves In The City’ is a fearful story of watching Police helicopters circling above seemingly oblivious to the horrors happening below. Brendon’s croaky voice is backed by an emotional Synth and basic Hip-Hop beats. Towards the end, the anguished tone of his voice becomes truly terrifying and he screams about finding severed kid’s heads.

Judging by the songs I’ve heard, ‘Threshold Of Man’ is a more typical example of The Viking Moses’ sound. According to the liner notes it was recorded in a London cellar where he’s currently staying. An acoustic Guitar is backed by half-heard ghostly noises with Brendon’s heavenly voice gliding over it all.

You can buy a digital version of the single from 7Digital by clicking here.

Visit his Poptones site by clicking here and you can get Podcasts, mp3s, videos and lots of articles.

Here are five Viking Moses’ tracks to wet your appetite, if you like them visit his Website, HMV, Amazon, Rough Trade, Piccadilly etc to buy a couple of records.

Crosses mp3
I Will Always Love You mp3 (His heartbreaking Dolly Parton cover)
Little Emma’s Smile mp3
Sandstorms (Demo) mp3
Surrounding Skin mp3

The Viking Moses Website / The Viking Moses MySpace Page


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