THOM YORKE – Analyse (12″ Single)

XL Recordings XLT252: 6th November 2006
1. Analyse
“By candles in the city, you never looked so pretty, by powercuts and blackouts, sleeping like babies”
2. A Rat’s Nest
“Clicks on the phone, I cannot help you, caught by own words, caught in a rat’s nest”
3. ILuvYa

‘Analyse’ is the second single to be lifted from Thom Yorke’s ‘The Eraser’ album and this time it’s a 12″ only release.  As usual it sounds like Beethoven’s brain has been dug up and wired to a computer.  Thom’s voice is ear piercingly intense, the Piano is mesmerising and a gorgeous wave of synths wash over you at the end.  ‘A Rat’s Nest’ is a mix of backward Pianos and menacing Bass beats.  ‘ILuvYa’ sounds not unlike Bill Bailey’s piss-take of Jean-Michel Jarre.  ‘Analyse’ is brilliant but the B-sides don’t really match up in my opinion.

There is a new import compilation that collects together all the B-sides from this single and the last, called ‘Spitting Feathers’.  You can order it from HMV by clicking here, but it’s a pricey £14.99 for 5 tracks.

Click here to buy a digital copy of the 12″ from 7Digital for £1.77.

Click here to watch Thom’s performance of ‘Analyse’ at the Mercury awards on YouTube (If looks could kill…).

Thom Yorke Website / Thom Yorke Lyrics Blog

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