AMY WINEHOUSE – Rehab (2x CD Singles)

Island 1709534 / 1709535: 23rd October 2006
1. Rehab (Original / Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
“I’d rather be at home with Ray, I ain’t got seventy days, cos there’s nothing, there’s nothing you can teach me, that I can’t learn from Mr Hathaway, didn’t get a lot in class, but I know it don’t come in a shot glass”
2. Do Me Good
“It’s like he was designed with me in mind, he’s so broad from behind, he’s beautifully defined”
3. Close To The Front
“I can’t help but analyse your actions, neglecting mine, before I know I’ve fallen hard, and now I tread water in time”

For some reason this single has been about as easy to track down as Richey Manic. In the end I gave up and ordered it from HMV online (The single went Top-10, so some shops must have stocked it!). It was worth the wait and the frustration.

Amy Winehouse seemed to get lumped in with all those other Jazz-light wasters like Nora Jones, Katie Melua, Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum that popped up a couple of years back. But if you listened to her Mercury nominated debut album ‘Frank’, you’d have realised she was something entirely different. It had a beautiful love song to her Guitar, a track called ‘Fuck Me Pumps’ and a hit single that’s chorus ran “Feel like a lady and you my ladyboy”.

‘Rehab’ is about as explosive as comeback singles get and it’s produced by the incredible Mark Ronson. The lyrics are about eschewing a spell in rehab in favour of a spot of self-healing via a couple of good records. It’s got handclaps all over it, huge bombastic Horns and of course those insanely catchy “No, no, no” bits that you’ve probably heard on the radio. There are also Phil Spector-like bells that sound perfectly timed now the winter’s drawing in. Last but not least, is Amy’s sultry, deep and sexy voice that slinks and purrs out of the speakers.

The ‘Desert Eagle Discs Remix’ of ‘Rehab’ ups the Funk levels considerably, and it’s almost better than the original. ‘Do Me Good’ is a chilled out, soulful Jazz number about Amy’s man. The twanging double-Bass on ‘Close To The Front’ absolutely sizzles and the words are about having an ever-so-slightly obsessive crush on your teacher. Neither B-side is as good as ‘Rehab’, or as good as any of the tracks off her new album ‘Back To Black’, but they’re still well worth having.

Click here to get yourself a copy of the wonderful ‘Back To Black’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

I downloaded the album long before it hit the shops, but the copy was badly mixed and had a couple of different tracks. The demo of ‘He Can Only Hold Her’ samples the same horns as ‘Rock The House by Gorillaz (The official released version is totally different). The acoustic version of ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ is a powerful intimate performance. Download them by clicking below, but go get the proper CD straight after.

He Can Only Hold Her (P*Nut Demo)
Love Is A Losing Game (Acoustic)

Click here to watch the video for ‘Rehab’ on YouTube.

There are two exclusive tracks up to buy on 7Digital for 77p each. There’s a surf-Guitar inflected demo of ‘Rehab’ and a more Bass heavy remix by Hot Chip.

Click here to watch Amy perform a drunken (But still strangely brilliant) cover of M.J’s ‘Beat It’ with a pissed off looking Charlotte Church on YouTube.

Amy Winehouse Website / Amy Winehouse MySpace Page

7 Comments to “AMY WINEHOUSE – Rehab (2x CD Singles)”

  1. I love your review of miss Winehouse, but the lyrics for Close To The Front are “I can’t help but analyze your actions, neglecting mine…” not accent.

  2. And where did you get that the song was about having a crush on a teacher? For a second I was consider it, but when listening to the lyrics it didn’t really make much sense. To me it sounds like she had a crush on a guy that her friend started going out with. She wanted to get revenge on her friend for going out with the guy even though she knew Amy liked him, and so she slept with him shortly after the pair broke up. Only it didn’t end there. She started catching feelings for him.

  3. Only paid attention in your lessons
    I Sat close at the front so I could see
    Your enthusiastic demonstrations
    Teaching to a class of only me
    And I couldn’t speak directly to you
    Without stuttering or turning red
    So looking back I don’t know how I handled it, yeah
    Futile frustration in my head

    Chorus 1x:
    I can’t help but analyze your actions,
    Neglecting mine
    Before I know I’ve fallen hard
    And now I tread water in time

    Hated it when I saw them together
    I sat around waiting for shit to end
    Unconsciously I tried to sabotage it
    To get revenge on my best friend
    Because I was in love with him before her
    I had just cause to grieve
    So not long after she broke up with him
    I got my closure on new years eve

    Chorus 2x

    I love all the bickering and insults
    And when I shout at you and you smile
    Making coffee while my mind spills over
    How I catch your art once in a while
    Shouldn’t I have grown a little wiser?
    Why haven’t I learned my lesson yet?
    And although I have made my love progresses
    I tend to learn as much as I forget

    Chorus 3x

  4. Re: Vanessa.

    Lyric ammended, thanks for the transcription.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  5. I can’t find the full version of Close to the Front. I have one version I downloaded (forget where from) and it has very raw bass and repeats the one verse over & over (only paid attention . . .) Can you help? THX!!

  6. I miss her so much. May her soul be at peace.

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