EXAMPLE – What We Made (7″ Single)

The Beats BEATS32: 13th November 2006
1. What We Made
“We all cavemen, in a suit and tie, man why you opposing, conform or die”
2. The Sell-Out
“I don’t want a life with cars and big tits, cos I’m happy with a cupa and some biscuits”

The first thing I heard by Example was his reworking of The Streets’ single ‘When You Wasn’t Famous’. Now he’s released his debut single ‘What We Made’ for Mike Skinner’s own ‘The Beats’ label.

On ‘What We Made’, Example takes a long look at mankind and concludes that evolution has gone very wrong somewhere. Example’s producer Rusher lays down big Drums, Yo-Yo Ma style eastern strings and pulsing beats over a tune you can whistle to. ‘The Sell-Out’ is even better and it attacks artists who make “Commercial bullshit” with no small amount of humour. It’s an addictive mix of handclaps and bouncing Electro sounds.

An exciting new talent has arrived and with other artists like The Mitchell Brothers and Professor Green on The Beats it’s shaping up to be a brilliant label. I highly recommend spending some time checking out the MySpace pages below, because they’re streaming loads of amazing tracks.

Click here to watch the hilarious video for Example’s response to Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ (It’s called ‘Vile’) on YouTube.

Click here to buy the single as two wma files from 7Digital for 87p each.

Click here to watch the brilliant video for ‘What We Made’ on YouTube (It was filmed at Chernobyl!).

Visit the Website to view Example and his collaborator Rusher’s top-10 records (They’ve got great taste).

Example Website / Example MySpace Page / Rusher MySpace Page
The Beats Website / The Beats MySpace Page

2 Comments to “EXAMPLE – What We Made (7″ Single)”

  1. I’ve got the first Example 7″ if you haven’t already ebayed/soulseeked it? Would have to slurp it into my computer off vinyl though

  2. Re:Neil. What is the track listing? I didn’t know there was any other releases. Yes I’d love it if you could send me a copy. I’ve got 7 other songs I’ve recorded from MySpace. His mash up of ‘Heartbeats’ by José González is incredible.


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