THE HOURS – Ali In The Jungle (CD EP)

Polydor 1714361: 13th November 2006
1. Ali In The Jungle (Original / Extended Mix)
“Like Ludwig Van, how I love that man, well the guy went deaf and didn’t give a fuck… no”
2. Nothing
“I don’t know nothing, and nothing is a problem to me”
3. The Greatest Comeback…

‘Ali In The Jungle’ is built around a catchy repetitive Piano sound with Drums, Bass Guitars and Strings pilling on until it reaches it’s epic finish. The lyrics list the names of other people (Apart from Muhammad Ali) who The Hours consider to have never-given-up, including Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller, Beethoven and Joe Simpson. It’s presented in two slightly different versions with the first omitting a vocal sample “Muhammad Ali has won, by a knockdown…etc” from the start and holding the drums back ’til halfway through.

‘Nothing’ is a gentle dreamy mix of Beatles like “Ahhhhhhh” bits and jangly Velvet Underground Guitars. It’s a bit slight in comparison to the A-side. ‘The Greatest Comeback…’ is an uplifting orchestral version of ‘Ali In The Jungle’.

Click here to buy the ‘When We Were Kings’ DVD from HMV for only £8.99. It’s probably the best documentary money can buy. Also check out the surprisingly little-known 1994 Gary Oldman film about Beethoven called ‘Immortal Beloved’. It’s one of my favourite films, but the DVD is a bit hard to come by (Try Ebay). Lastly here’s a link to buy the ‘Touching The Void’ DVD from Amazon.

Click here to watch the ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ fight cut to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on YouTube.

Finally here’s another fantastic song inspired by Ali, from the soundtrack to ‘When We Were Kings’ and one of Beethoven’s most famous works:

Fugees – Rumble In The Jungle mp3
Beethoven – Ode To Joy mp3

The Hours Website / The Hours MySpace Page

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