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November 21, 2006

MISTY’S BIG ADVENTURE – Fashion Parade (7″ & Download Singles)

Sunday Best SBESTS40 / 7Digital: 13th November 2006
1. Fashion Parade (Feat. Noddy Holder)
“The boys in the club love the fashion parade, and the girls in the club love the fashion parade, and the people at the top love the fashion parade, the people at the top lead the fashion parade”
2. Crumpled Up Guy
“Grave robbing beast, grave robbing beast, you drew a picture of me as a grave robbing beast, so they called for a priest”
3. The Kids Are Radio Active
“They put a phone mast up by the school where we live, now we’ve got much better reception, so when the kids go insane, we can call to complain, as we’re running in the other direction”
4. Fashion Parade (Feat. Jeremy Vine)
“Yes we gotta get out of this bland age, when nothing means allot, and now nothing’s all we got, in the bland age”
5. Fashion Parade (Instrumental)

If you’ve never heard Misty’s Big Adventure before, they’re most easily described as Britain’s answer to The Flaming Lips. Apart from their Christmas fan-CD, ‘Fashion Parade’ is the follow up to last year’s incredible ‘The Story Of Love’ single (It was my “Official” favourite song of 2005!). ‘Fashion Parade’ is available as a 7″ with the first three tracks on and to download from 7Digital with the last two songs included. If you look on Ebay, you can get all five tracks on one convenient promo CD. ‘Fashion Parade’ is a devilishly funny swipe at the current Princes of Indie-Rock. It starts off sounding like another quirky Misty’s Big Adventure Pop-gem and then it all stops and you here a voice say:

“Hey everyone, I just got back from the record store, and I got a load of post-Punk records, well see I’ve been thinking about it for a while, here’s what we’re gonna do, listen to them, and then rip them off, and I reckon, we’ll make a ton of money”

Then you get the ‘Ooooooh’ bit from any Kaiser Chiefs’ record you care to mention and a savagely cynical chorus of “Lots of money, lots and lots of money” that’ll be familiar to any one who’s heard a Franz Ferdinand song. After that, the voice of Noddy Holder or Jeremy Vine comes in (Depending on which version you’re listening to) with an announcement about “The arrival on the scene of 500 new bands, sounding exactly the same” (Personally I prefer the Jeremy Vine version, it is read as a news report after all). There’s also an ‘Instrumental’ version where you can hear the sound of a huge line of coke being snorted at 2.53. Misty’s Big Adventure clearly aren’t hoping to make many friends in the music business with this record. But as long as they continue to make singles even half as good as this, they’ll always have a friend in me.

As with any Misty’s Big Adventure release, the B-sides don’t disappoint. ‘Crumpled Up Guy’ is about being the guy in a child’s drawing. The catch is that the child has voodoo powers and they can control you. It’s like a great missing song from Adam Green’s second album. ‘The Kids Are Radio Active’ concerns those damaging mobile-phone rays we’re always being warned about… and what would happen if they turned the school kids in blood thirsty zombies.

Here are links to watch the fantastic videos for ‘Fashion Parade’, ‘Hey Man’, ‘The Story Of Love’ and ‘Where Do Jam Jars Go At Xmas Time?’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy the latest Misty’s Big Adventure album ‘The Black Hole’ from HMV for only £9.99.

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