It’s been a while since I did a mix-tape so I thought it’s about time I did another one.

These are some of the old and new tunes that I’ve been almost playing-to-death recently. I’ve uploaded the compilation as a 74mb Zip file which you’ll find below. I’ve knocked a cover up too, just print it out, glue it, cut it out and bingo, you’ve got a cover for the CD. It makes a very cheap Christmas present (Although I might do a compilation of Christmas tunes if I can think of enough good ones). I’ll post another compilation at some point in the future and take this one down. Hopefully it’s an entertaining hour and twenty minutes with tracks by:

The Who, Yellowbelly, Patrick Wolf, Billy Bragg, Coldcut (Feat. Lu Grady), Oscar Brown Jr, Jurassic 5, Primal Scream Vs The Jungle Brothers, Tom Lehrer, The Flamin’ Groovies, Misty’s Big Adventure (Feat. Jeremy Vine), Richie Havens, Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners, Klaxons, Bone Idols & Aphletik (Feat. Ty), Talking Heads, Lupe Fiasco, Architecture In Helsinki and Jarvis.

If you like the tracks there are links included so you can find out more.

That Cold Black Magic Zip (74mb)

6 Comments to “THAT COLD BLACK MAGIC (Compilation)”

  1. hey, i just noticed you added me to your blog roll–thank you so much! when did you do that? i hope it wasn’t ages ago and i just now noticed . . . : )

    i don’t recall any mixtapes from you before, so either i am really out of it or it’s been a really long time. can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Re: mjr. I’ve been avoiding re-arranging my blog layout for a while, so yes, I’ve just added you (And lots of other links).

    I meant mix-tapes I’ve made physically rather than put up on the blog. I suppose that it is a bit miss-leading. It’s the first time I’ve uploaded a big file like that, so let me know if doesn’t download properly.


  3. it worked just fine. i have trouble with zip files on my end, but that’s just coz i’m sorta dumb that way. so far the first song is fantastic!

  4. ooops, i think i listened to the last song first! doesn’t matter, it was still great. : )

  5. Love the new look 😀

    Just downloading the comp… look forward to hearing it.

  6. Problem is I’m itching to make another comp already. Enjoy!


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