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November 30, 2006

THE RUMBLE STRIPS – Cardboard Coloured Dreams (CD EP)

Island 1709418: 20th November 2006
1. Oh Creole
“A tear rolls down his face, he licks his lips and tastes, whisky you just can’t waste, god bless those weeping eyes”
2. Born Bored
“I was born bored, I was born with a glazed look in my eye, and my mother picked me up and I let out a sigh”
3. High Street Heaven
“High street heaven, high street sweet sweet heaven, only human, boy am I easily impressed, by bright lights”
4. Running Away
“But then again, I’ve got two feet, and although my legs ain’t got much meat, I know they’ll sure as hell go, where I say”

This is the first major label release for The Rumble Strips after two 7″s on Transgressive Records. It’s available as a children’s-book-style thick cardboard CD (There’s no way it’s gonna fit on my CD racks), an 8″ or a 12″ with huge foldout poster. If you’ve not heard them yet, think early Dexys with an extra slice of Rockabilly.

‘Oh Creole’ isn’t as immediately catchy as the previous singles but it’s got a wonderfully soulful vocal. ‘Born Bored’ has a twitching rhythm, a Zutons like interlude and hilarious lyrics. ‘High Street Heaven’ is a joyous tune with a hint of 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll and a thumping Bass line. ‘Running Away’ departs from the familiar Rumble Strips sound with a delightful Musichall Piano. The bit where the music stops and Charlie Waller belts out the line “Tastes like freedom” will make your heart soar. Lyrically it’s akin to ‘Motorcycle’ (But on foot) and it’s the best track on the EP.

If you’ve already got the four tracks from the first two singles, buy this EP, download the two songs below and you’ve got an albums worth of Rumble Strips songs to enjoy ’til the real album comes out next year.

4 Walls mp3
My Oh My mp3

Here are links to videos for ‘Motorcycle’, ‘No Soul’, ‘Hate Me You Do’ and ‘Oh Creole’ on YouTube.

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