I WAS A CUB SCOUT – Pink Squares (CD Single)

XL Recordings AXL251CD: 27th November 2006
1. Pink Squares
“And yes I know I’m wrong, but there’s two sides to every story, baby we’re not the same and we’ll never feel the same”
2. Teenage Skin
“I’m leaving here tonight, but I’m keeping my head high”

‘Pink Squares’ is a rich slice of Elecro-Pop with a deep pulsating Bass line.  The passionate vocal brings to mind Delays.  The Drums go berserk towards the end underlining the pain in the lyrics.  ‘Teenage Skin’ is more of the same but without the same spark that fires the A-side.  But once again, William Bowerman’s Drumming is incredible.

Click here to buy the single from 7Digital as wmas, aacs or mp3s.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Pink Squares’ on YouTube.

I Was A Cub Scout Website / I Was A Cub Scout MySpace Page


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