MATCHSTICKS – Duvet (CD & 7″ Single)

One Records OR013 / OR014: 27th November 2006
1. Duvet (Original / Robot Forest Dub)
“A loose, excuse, with nothing to lose, that’s why I’m taking the easy way out”
2. Dijon
“I was once lost, now I am found, you’ve got allot to answer for”

‘Duvet’ is like a glorious lost classic from the golden age of Electro-Pop. The vocals sound like David Byrne, there’s fizzing Synthesisers, Art-Rock Guitars and a delirious mix of almost every other trick in the Pop book. It’s at least eight different songs cunningly welded together and Matchsticks have packed as much Pop into 2.43 as is humanly possible. With the addictive shouts of “What da ya want?” now burnt into my brain, it seems like this would be at number one for a minimum of nine weeks in a sane world.

The ‘Robot Forest Dub’ does exactly what it says on the tin (Except for the forest bit obviously). ‘Dijon’ is nowhere near as good but it sounds like an old demo to my ears so I’m still expecting big things from Matchsticks’ next single.

You can buy this record or the older releases (Under the less snappy ‘Flying Matchstick Men’ title) by clicking here.

Matchsticks MySpace Page / One Records Website


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