THE POPPYCOCKS – Lovebirds (CD Single)

Drift DFT005: 27th November 2006
1. Lovebirds (Original / Instrumental)
“Can’t you hear them calling, I will wait for you, they’re sitting in the corner, table laid for two”
2. Tender Hooks
“I really do love the ocean, though not the strongest of swimmers”

‘Lovebirds’ is a single for fans of Absentee and particularly Dan Michaelson’s voice (But there’s a hint of Neil Hannon in there too).  It’s about overhearing two lovebirds and there’s a Xylophone solo, which always ticks my box.  The instrumental version looses the vocal but replaces it with a devastatingly beautiful Brass sound.  As good as the vocals are on the original I’m absolutely in love with the instrumental.  ‘Tenderhooks’ is another great song with a catchy Bass line.  The Poppycocks are a band I’m looking forward to hearing more from (They’re currently planning an LP!).

Click here to buy the single from 7Digital for £1.77.

The Poppycocks MySpace Page / Drift Records Website


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