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December 11, 2006

GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY – War Of The Worlds (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Atlantic ATUK049CD / ATUK049 / ATUK049X: 27th November 2006
1. War Of The Worlds (Single Version / Album Version / Hot Chip Remix)
“You know I could be, everything you want me to be, no we haven’t spoke in days, yer in fact it’s been a matter of weeks”
2. White Lines, Road Signs & Vacuous Minds: The Life & Times Of A Disenfranchised Rockstar
“A shallow kiss to fill a void, a broken heart, a lonely boy, he took advantage of his pain, he took his dignity for fame”
3. You Just Sit There In Silence As The World Cries Out In Vain
“There will always be extremists acting in the name of god, but the god they worship will never hear their call”

‘War Of The Worlds’ isn’t anything like as immediately catchy as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s previous singles but it gets you in the end. What it lacks musically it makes up vocally. The way Sam Duckworth screams the word “Waaarrr!” contrasts with the mournful way he sings “To busy, to busy, to busy, to talk”. The single version is slightly longer and adds some of the wonderful trademark Brass that marked out the other singles. The ‘Hot Chip Remix’ doubles the length and pumps up the bass. They’ve minimised the vocals and created a spooky atmosphere not unlike the sound of a tube station at night.

The huge title of ‘White Lines, Road Signs & Vacuous Minds: The Life & Times Of A Disenfranchised Rockstar’ tells you all you need to know about the lyrics, while the music is more of a traditional Folk sound (In the mould of Nick Drake) than Sam’s usual fair. ‘You Just Sit There In Silence As The World Cries Out In Vain’ is straight from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s angry Billy Bragg side. It’s a sparse acoustic song (It was recorded in a van and you can hear the engine running) listing all the ills of the world. It talks about sitting in an ivory-tower while the planet destroys itself below. I’m not sure if Sam meant it, but I couldn’t help comparing this image with 9/11.

Click here to buy ‘The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager’ album from HMV for a super cheap £6.99.

I accidentally recorded the ‘Hot Chip Remix’ at the wrong speed and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’d created a brilliant fusion of Jungle and Radiohead:

War Of The Worlds (Hot Chip Remix At 45 RPM) mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘War Of The Worlds’ on YouTube.

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December 11, 2006


Yes Boy Ice Cream YPI03CD: 27th November 2006
1. Rent A Wreck
“Still I can’t get enough of it, did you see me eating Frosties from your fridge”
2. Love Will
“But I can’t read the note, I tore that shit in to a million shreds, about the words, still remain in my head”
3. Do It All Or Don’t Do It All
“Long ago I had a friend who died of boredom, found a band and played in clubs and blew the people on”
4. Guns ‘n’ Ammo
“But still I’m standing on a corner, guns and ammunition, lines along a border line, this is my final life”

The intriguingly named Suburban Kids With Biblical Names hail from Sweden and make music that’ll appeal to fans of The Magnetic Fields’ epic ’69 Love Songs’ album (For me, people break down into two categories; fans of ’69 Love Songs’ and people who don’t own a copy yet). I’m a bit behind because they’ve already got an album out and this 4-tracker is culled from their first two EPs.

‘Rent A Wreck’ really bounces along with voices going “Ba-ba-ba” with funny lyrics about tour fatigue. ‘Love Will’ has the warm sound of friends playing in a room, with clicking fingers, sweet acoustic Guitars and a Piano that sounds like bird song. ‘Do It All Or Don’t Do It All’ is like the missing link between The Magnetic Fields and Arcade Fire. The twanging Pop sound of ‘Guns ‘n’ Ammo’ brings to mind The Spinto Band with a happy Ian Curtis on vocals (If you can imagine such a thing). There’s also Recorders on it and it’s nice to hear them sounding soothing instead of the cacophony that we all remember from school.

Here are five tracks from their brilliant album that they’re generously giving away free:

Loop Duplicate My Heart mp3
Noodles mp3
Funeral Face mp3

Rent A Wreck mp3
Seems To Be On My Mind mp3

After you’ve fallen in love with those tracks visit either Labrador or Minty Fresh’s Website to buy the full album.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Rent A Wreck’ and ‘Loop Duplicate My Heart’ on YouTube.

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