D.J. FOUNDATION – (Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead! / I Shot You Babe (7″ Single)

Metal Postcard MP03: 11th December 2006
1. (Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead!
“Why you gotta use all this kinda language, what’s wrong with finding Jesus huh”
2. Sunni & Shia – I Shot You Babe
“I believe that the violence is probably as bad as I’ve seen it and that it is possible that Iraq could move towards civil war”

‘(Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead!’ splices porn samples, a Gary Glitter tune and The Fall, but it’s nowhere near as good as the title, or the mind-meltingly blasphamous cover suggests it might have been. The flipside is the real reason you need this 7″. D.J. Foundation has spotted that the name of the pop duo Sunny & Cher sounds an awful lot like the Sunni & Shia denominations of Islam. So he’s taken ‘I Got You Babe’, cut it up and laced it with the sounds of Gun fire and other Iraq related samples. The result is often hilarious, often chilling and given that D.J. Foundation lives in Iraq, it’s obviously a record born from deep anger.

D.J. Foundation MySpace Page / Metal Postcard MySpace Page

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