ALUMINIUM – Aluminum (12″ Single)

XL Recordings XLT246: 13th November 2006
1. Aluminum
2. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me) (Four Tet Remix)

‘Aluminum’ has been lifted from Joby Talbot (British composer and Neil Hannon’s arranger) and Richard Russell’s (XL Recordings founder) album of orchestral re-imaginings of The White Stripes’ songs under the name Aluminium (Notice the difference in spelling). The album is not one of those cheap classical re-workings of bands back catalogues that you see in the chain-stores. It’s a full-blooded avant-garde re-imagining of The White Stripes and it’s possibly the album of the year. The luxuriously packaged LP’s (With artwork by The White Stripes’ collaborator Rob Jones) are going for silly money on Ebay (I should know, I payed silly money for one recently).

The re-working of ‘Aluminum’ reminded me of Bernard Herrmann’s chilling scores for Hitchcock’s greatest films. So much so, that I can feel my heart rate quicken when I hear it and I imagine I’m Cary Grant or James Stewart being chased by some shadowy government agent. Strings pierce like knives, Drums pound ominously, Pianos creep suspiciously and it all adds up to one hell of a ride. Miss this at your peril.

The ever-reliable Four Tet have turned in an essential remix on the B-side. They’ve added massive Archie Bronson Outfit style Drums, which interestingly bring ‘Forever For Her’ back in line with the White Stripes’ original version.

Amazingly this 12″ is still available (It’s limited to just 500 copies) and you can buy one from Rough Trade by clicking here (If you’re quick).

Likewise the 12″ of the album has sold out but the CD is still available by clicking here.

Click here to watch an interview about the album on YouTube.

Aluminium Website /Aluminium MySpace Page / Joby Talbot Website
XL Recordings Website
/ The White Stripes Website

2 Comments to “ALUMINIUM – Aluminum (12″ Single)”

  1. Hi,
    Didnt manage to get the lp/cd.
    Looks like i’ll hav to shell out the big bucks for it on ebay.

    Just ordered the 12″.

    Heard most of lp on the aluminium website.
    Good though Jason Spacemans (Spiritualized) Silent Sound Cd is better.

    I have links to loads of live concerts & sessions you can watch/listen to for free on my website inc, the White Stripes

    Enjoy !

  2. Re: Derek. Interesting… I’m sometimes a huge Jason Pierce Fan (Depending on what which tracks/albums etc). The silent sounds CD seems to contist of one track. How long is the track and is the CD worth buying?


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