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December 21, 2006


(For some time I’ve been thinking about doing a “Top 50 albums of all time” list, complete with reviews. This task has proved a tad ambitious and therefore it’s been on the back burner. So I’ve decided to simply make it an occasional thing. A random opportunity for me to recommend an album that I couldn’t do without. And the first piece of sonic wonderment is…)

Rough Trade RTRADECD107: 23rd June 2003
“Bluebirds are so natural, I wanna buy them for my friends, Bluebirds are so dismal, and I want to trade mine in”

Adam Green’s first album or his work with the Moldy Peaches had a lo-fi amateurish charm, but there’s only so long that you can do that, without it sounding forced (Surely at some stage you learn to play properly). So on his ‘Dance With Me’ single he re-recorded three songs from his debut album in a lushly produced Scott Walker style. It was a breathtakingly success, and his second LP, ‘Friends Of Mine’ completed his transformation into a Vegas style crooner for the mentally ill.

The catchy tunes, warm acoustic Guitars and rich orchestral backing provide the perfect compliment to Adam’s dark and wildly offensive lyrics. “Do me doggy, rape me in the parking lot” being just one example and to quote Mary Poppins “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. This album deals with suicide, kidnap, murder and infamously, sex with a girl with no legs. But these dark themes are always soundtracked by the most perfectly produced pop.

At first, the lyrics seem like nonsense but when you really get into this album the images that they conjure up can collectively paint pictures in your head “Prostitute fingers, fumbling with matches, tucked in red couches, under green moons”. Hours of fun can be had by trying to put yourself in the same headspace as the deranged mind that wrote these words. It seems that every time I listen to this album, my ideas of what the lyrics are about can change. So I find myself constantly fascinated with this record. His next two albums had some incredible tunes, but they didn’t match the sustained brilliance on display here.

Adam Green – Jessica mp3

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