PRIMAL SCREAM – Sometimes I Feel So Lonely (7″ Single)

Columbia 88697044297: 18th December 2006
1. Sometimes I Feel So Lonely (Single Version)
“Everything’s permitted, nothing’s really true, live outside the law boys, doin’ what ya do, nothing’s at it seems, you can be redeemed”
2. Gamblin’ Bar Room Blues
“I reached in for my razor, and then we messed around, but when I drew my pistol, I quickly smoked him down”

‘Sometimes I Feel So Lonely’ was the gorgeous Country-Gospel closer to Primal Scream’s ‘Riot City Blues’ album. For some reason, with this release, they thought that the moody air of inebriated melancholy would be improved by removing the haunting Harmonica and replacing it with sickly-sweet Strings of unfathomable hideousness. It now resembles some kind of awful West-End musical number… avoid at all cost.

Luckily, Primal Scream’s last two singles included fantastic B-sides and this release is no exception. ‘Gamblin’ Bar Room Blues’ is a creeping honky-tonk Piano tune, steeped long in all manner of intoxicating spirits. They’ve gone for a ‘St. James Infirmary Blues’ vibe and pulled it off nicely.

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