OKKERVIL RIVER – The President’s Dead (12″ Single)

Jag Jaguwar JAG101: 25th December 2006
1. The President’s Dead
“The Coffee was great, there was spring on the wind, have you ever lived through a day, where the littlest things, and the littlest ways made you feel you were blessed”
2. The Room I’m Hiding In
“Where once was desperation, now just medication”

‘The President’s Dead’ documents the feelings of shock when a man hears on the radio, that the President has been shot.  The lyrics deftly contrast sweeping images of national mourning with intimate moments of personal grief.  It’s mostly an acoustic song that is interrupted by a cathartic crash of drums two thirds through.  It makes you want to throw your hands up in grief or jump around for joy (Depending on your opinion of Mr Bush).  As soon as the funereal Organs fade away at the end, I can’t help reaching for the play button to hear it all again.   It’s the kind of addictive song that I could easily play to death.  ‘The Room I’m Hiding In’ isn’t as dazzling as the A-side but it does have some wonderfully deadpan comic lines that are underpinned by a haunting Slide-Guitar.

Okkervil River are absurdly generous, because they’re giving away a whole albums worth of free mp3s (Including ‘The President’s Dead’).  Listen to them, fall in love with Okkervil River and then go buy an album from the Jag Jaguwar Website:

A Favor mp3
Black mp3

For Real mp3
Lady Liberty mp3
No Key, No Plan mp3
Oh Precious mp3
Red mp3
The President’s Dead mp3
The Velocity Of Saul At The Time Of His Conversion mp3
Westfall mp3

Click here to watch an impressive fan video for ‘The President’s Dead’ on YouTube.

Okkervil River Website / Okkervil River MySpace Page / Jag Jaguwar Website

One Comment to “OKKERVIL RIVER – The President’s Dead (12″ Single)”

  1. Great band.


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