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February 10, 2007

THE WORLD DOMINATION Vs ADAM SKY – Galactic Lover (12″ Single)

Kitsuné KITSUNE045: 5th February 2007
Galactic Lover (Version 1 / Raverbilly Mix)
“Walk the Milky-Way with me, you’ll be infinitely mine, there’s as many stars in my cosmos, as there’s things for us to do, you know you’re in love when I put my… tentacles around you”

‘Galactic Lover’ is produced and remixed by Adam Sky (Formerly Adamski) and performed by Germany’s The World Domination. The ‘Raverbilly Mix’ is good in a glitchy, trancy sort of way but ‘Version 1’ (Or simply the original version) is the one to have. It’s got a filthy head-nodding bass beat, clashing Guitars and echoing sound effects that made me imagine an abandoned robot factory at midnight (If that makes any sense whatsoever). The slightly hysterical vocals tell the curious story of an astronaut who’s sent into space to shag everything in the galaxy, and to quite possibly “Go where no man has gone before”.

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