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February 16, 2007


Bracken FERN09: 5th February 2007
1. Schizo Fun Addict – Jericho Son Down
“The Jericho Son Down came for them as they rode on out of the city”
2. Schizo Fun Addict – Mercy Calling
“Maybe the time has come to decide the fate of the world, who will be gold and who will be burned”
3. The Boy From Space – The Farm
4. The Boy From Space – Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Winner?
“Commitment means being prepared to do extra things, going the extra mile”

‘Jericho Son Down’ is a dark atmospheric ride with waves of shimmering Guitars and it’s not unlike Frank Black covering Nick Drake.  In contrast ‘Mercy Calling’ is a breezy acoustic song with haunting Nico like female vocals.

‘The Farm’ is a fun little instrumental complete with handclaps that’s sure to put you in a good mood.  The best track ‘Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Winner?’ is saved for last.  It takes the voice from a motivational tape and layers it over what sounds like the music from Mario Kart to create something danceable and totally hypnotic.

Click here to get loads of free mp3s from the very generous Schizo Fun Addict.

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