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February 17, 2007

HEATWAVE – Mad LDN / LDN Rights (7″ Single)

Punchline White Label: 5th February 2007
1. General Levy & Lily Allen – Mad LDN
“I’m balanced by one shoulda, gonna gan ‘cross the borda”
2. Papa San & Lady G – LDN Rights
“Me ‘ave a police cousin, they live at Kingstown”

This is an essential 7″ for anyone who is even remotely interested in Lily Allen’s music or for anyone else who has got a pair of ears. Both tracks take the music from Lily’s ‘LDN’ (Which itself originally sampled ‘Reggae Meringue’ by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics) and adds new vocals.

‘Mad LDN’ blends the vocals from ‘Champagne Body’ and ‘Mad Them’ from General Levy’s 1993 album ‘Wickedness Increase’ with Lily’s chorus. ‘LDN Rights’ combines Papa San & Lady G’s duet from ‘Legal Rights’ with the ‘LDN’ instrumental. Both tracks work equally well and make these cold winter days feel like the midst of summer. Lily took something Jamaican and created a distinctly English Pop single and now Heatwave has turned it back into something wholly Jamaican again. It’s another chapter in the vibrant interaction between the two islands.

You can still buy this 7″ from Piccadilly records… if you’re quick.

Here are the original tracks that went in to making these two classics:

General Levy – Champagne Body mp3
General Levy – Mad Them mp3
Papa San & Lady G – Legal Rights mp3
Lily Allen – LDN (Instrumental) mp3

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