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February 20, 2007

NOUVELLE VAGUE – Come On Eileen (7″ Single)

Azuli ALN717: 5th February 2007
1. Nouvelle Vague – Come On Eileen
“These people round here, wear beaten down eyes, sunk in smoke dried faces, so resigned to what their fate is, but not us, no not us”
2. David Shrigley – What I Ate
“For breakfast I had bacon and eggs, two cups of tea and some holiday brochures”

This 7” is to promote two tracks from Nouvelle Vague’s new ‘Late Night Tales’ mix CD.  Their wonderfully delicate cover of ‘Come On Eileen’ resembles Dusty Springfield singing ‘The Girl From Ipanema’.  So in other words fantastic and it’s nice to be able to understand the brilliant lyrics for once.  I’m a huge Kevin Rowland fan,but his voice is a little hard to understand at times.  David Shrigley provides an incredibly odd b-side in the form of a list of what he supposedly ate.  It’s a bizarre poem read over weird industrial/vegetable noises.  You’ve got to hear it.

Click here to buy the ‘Late Night Tales’ CD from HMV for £8.99.

Or click here to buy David Shrigley’s album from HMV for £9.99.

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